Can a barking dog be harmful for a hamster?

Question by Lo: Can a barking dog be harmful for a hamster?
We are considering getting a hamster but we also have a dog that barks a lot. I am aware that a hamster has extremely good hearing. I don’t want to create a bad environment for the hamster or put the little guy under a large amount of stress. Could a barking dog in the house make a hamster sick?

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Answer by Salbal
It could really stress the hamster out thats for sure. It could get very frightened of the barking. You could have the hamster in a room that the dog can’t get to so it doesn’t have to see the dog or hear it as much.

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  1. Live2ride says:

    They have amazing hearing and Im sure it will bother them

  2. Angel Dust says:

    as long as the dog isnt barking in the room with the hamster to where his bark echos, cuz it wont make him sick, but it will give him severe anxiety to where you wont be able to handle him.
    when you first bring a hamster into your home set up his cage, fresh food, water, and a quiet place for him to settle and get comfortable, without the dog around where the hamster can see him. and then after a good 3-4 days you can put him in an exercise ball and allow him to explore on his own, and get used to dog being around, his barks, just keep a good eye on him, at first if he jumps everytime the dog barks then take him away where the barking sound, is softer and quieter like back into his cage. until he calms down, this is also good because he will feel like he is safe in his cage, where he can barely hear the dog, and he is nowhere in danger. give him a good day to relax and allow him to come back out into his exercise ball again, just do this a few times a day with the hamster, but very limited until he no longer reacts to the dog barking. id say start him out for the first time about 2 minutes bring him into where the dog is, set him on the floor where he can smell the dog, and realize the dog cant get to him, and hell feel safe inside his ball, and then from then on if he does not react to the barking you can start bringing him out longer periods of time just remember hamsters get dehydrated pretty fast so make sure you have him out no longer than 15mins a time

  3. Border Collie Mom says:

    most hamsters have weak hearts and die of heart attacks very easily.

    if you have a crazy barking dog, you should train it to stop barking and get a guinea pig.

    guinea pigs live 5-6 years and dont have heart attacks easily. they are also “funner” to play with

  4. akluis says:

    if your dog is barking that much that is a problem you need to be putting your time and effort into fixing, NOT putting your time and effort into bringing another pet into the household.

    Instead of buying the hamster buy a training book or sign up for a training class.

  5. ellycat41 says:

    Yes. Unfortunately, any loud noises can make a hamster very miserable! Plus, the stress of knowing that a predator is near by could be very damaging to a poor little hammy. Your hamster is probably living in constant fear in the situation that you described! Don’t loose hope, though! Is there a quiet room for your hamster to love in? Actually, even a closet could do in a pinch, considering that hamsters love the dark! I’m sorry if my answer made you feel bad, I’m sure that you will make it work! Hope this helped, ellycat

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